The Eclipse Megamovie Project brings people together to share their images and experiences around total solar eclipses and other astronomical events. Our hope is to create ultra-high time resolution movies of these spectacular natural events using your images.  Our inspiration comes from the upcoming 2017 Eclipse, which will span the United States from Oregon to South Carolina. We imagine that you may be able to help the solar scientists on our team understand more about the Sun by providing quality, high resolution images of the eclipse in 2017.  If you have taken photographs of any astronomical objects recently that you would be willing to share, please visit our Image Upload Page to do this. This will help us refine our technical movie-making programs.

We will post movies that our team creates using your images here. If you submitted images in November, 2012 for the Australian Eclipse, keep visiting us! We are still working on the complicated aspects of taking many different types of images and weaving them into a compelling movie.

If you have questions about this project, please contact us at

If you are interested in the November, 2012 eclipse, you can visit The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) guide to the November 14 eclipse. (opens a new window)
Please remember not to look directly at the Sun!