Epo Chronicles Special Episode: Solar Eclipse in a Distant Galaxy

by Aurore Simonnet2024-03-12

Photo credit: Aurore Simonnet, CC 4.0

Alkina and Epo in space

We invite you to join Alkina and sentient spaceship Epo, as they embark once more, on an exciting journey through space! Alkina, joined by alien Ambassadors, are on route to observe a Solar Eclipse phenomenon in a distant galaxy. While on their way, Alkina brings up factoids about Solar Eclipses, notably regarding an event that occurred on Earth. Discussions arise as everyone learns about the fascinating astronomical event...until they reach their destination for "the show"!

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Panel 1:

Alkina: Welcome back Ambassadors. It’s a pleasure to have you along to observe the fascinating phenomenon that is a Solar Eclipse!

Alkina leads the Ambassadors through the Space Station.

Panel 2

Alkina: Until we reach our destination, let’s look at such an event as seen on a planet called Earth.

Panel 3:

Alkina: Earth and its moon are part of a solar system orbiting a star called Sun, which has quite a dynamic life. Scientists discovered jets and plumes which disappear or change...

Alkina and the Ambassadors are sitting, engaged in discussions, in front of a viewing screen displaying the Sun.

Panel 4:

Alkina: ...from the time they are formed and move out into the solar wind. These can be better seen from Earth’s surface, during Eclipses.

Ambassadors: Solar wind?

Alkina: Epo, please define.

Epo: A stream of charged particles.

Panel 5:

Earth landscape photos displayed on the viewscreen.

Epo: Displaying rapid decline of Sunlight on Earth.

Alkina: Solar eclipses occur when a moon comes between a star and a planet, blocking the light of the star and casting a shadow on the planet.

Epo: Earth Fact: The moon appears the same size as the Sun, which is 400 times wider and 400 times further.

Panel 6:

Epo: Approaching destination. Eclipse in progress.

Alkina leads the Ambassadors to the observation room.

Alkina: We do need to take some precautions, as most of you will need to protect your eyes. Please pass around these special glasses.

Panel 7:

Earth full Eclipse displayed on the viewscreen.

Epo: Full eclipse occuring. You may remove your glasses.

Alkina: Well, here we are! Enjoy the view!

Ambassadors: Wow, astounding! Magnificent!