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If you see your response below please contact Hannah Hellman at hellmanh@sonoma.edu

1Aiming for “Niagara area in totality or south in U.S. Depends on cloud cover”Nikon Z9 and D850 300 f2.8, 180-400 f4, 500 f4, 800 f6.3I have photographed for 60 years and love technology, camera gear, and capturing amazing images to share with others. My photo collage of the 2017 eclipse is in the current emails from Murami photo filters telling photographers about the 2 upcoming eclipses. I have won numerous photo contests including The Guardian’s travel photo contest which was a prize of a trip to Greenland to photograph the northern lights. I am very detail oriented and work very hard to master a new challenge. In previous employment I provided microcomputer support and training to about 250 endusers. I firmly believe I have the technical and creative expertise to capture some amazing images for the eclipse team. My experience using a semi automated system during the 2017 eclipse showed that I can deliver some great photos. I am honoured to be invited back to participate on the eclipse team and am looking forward to the pre-eclipse trading and the post-eclipse discussions. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you.
2Will be in Grandview, TexasCanon aps-c and full frame, ASI astro cameras. Everything from 16mm to 2800mmI can use this for a full frame or aps-c setup for bracketed exposures. I did this in 2017 already and am experienced in eclipse photography. I will be doing a YouTube Livestream for our astronomy clubs channel at the same time. I am an astrophotographer, and have done solar imaging as well, including hours-long time lapse with hydrogen alpha imaging, as well as post processing of data. I have enough lenses and cameras for multiple focal lengths as needed. In Texas, we are expect clearer skies than in most of the US, and my site is near the centerline with 4 minutes 12 seconds of totality. I also have alternative sites in South Texas in case of bad weather. At this time, the plan is to film in 4k60p with four cameras at several focal lengths and exposures for the broadcast, film at 6k60p with a Super35 cinema camera for later processing, three APS-c cameras at different focal lengths, including a camera sensitive to infrared, and at least one full frame 50 mpx Canon 5DS for very high resolution images.
3Planning to be near Austin, TexasSony. 200-600mm and 2x teleconverter, 100-400mm, 8" SCT. Everything from 16mm to 2800mmI can use this for a full frame or aps-c setup for bracketed exposures. I did this in 2017 already and am experienced in eclipse photography. I will be doing a YouTube Livestream for our astronomy clubs channel at the same time. I am an astrophotographer, and have done solar imaging as well, including hours-long time lapse with hydrogen alpha imaging, as well as post processing of data. I have enough lenses and cameras for multiple focal lengths as needed. In Texas, we are expect clearer skies than in most of the US, and my site is near the centerline with 4 minutes 12 seconds of totality. I also have alternative sites in South Texas in case of bad weather. At this time, the plan is to film in 4k60p with four cameras at several focal lengths and exposures for the broadcast, film at 6k60p with a Super35 cinema camera for later processing, three APS-c cameras at different focal lengths, including a camera sensitive to infrared, and at least one full frame 50 mpx Canon 5DS for very high resolution images.
4Has no idea where they will be for the 2024 eclipse.Nikon D5300 DSLR, probaby a Z5 full frame mirrorless soon. Main is 80 -400 mm zoom. I have other zooms going down to 12mm. Considering two primes of 180mm and 300mm.I already have a solid Skywatcher mount with a Celestron 9.25. I can piggyback the DSLR on this mount. I really do not need, but I could use one if available to run a second system.
5Planning to be in 78624 (Fredericksburg, Texas)Sony. 400mm, 600mm, etc*no response*
6Aiming for “Either Brackettville TX OR Eagle River TX OR Radar Base TX”Canon R300 mm, 420 mm with Canon extender
7“Near Niagara Falls Ontario or depending on forecast will travel to Texas”Nikon Z0 and D850. 180-400 f4, 500 f4, 800 f6.3. All Nikon. An additional Z9I am 64 years old and have been an enthusiastic photographer for 50 years. I have won Photographer of the Year award at the London Camera Club 8 times. It is Canada’s largest photo club. I have a heavy duty Gitzo tripod and pro level Nikon lenses and cameras. I have read and enjoy science and astronomy related magazines for many years. I have travelled to many dark sky areas with my gear during a new moon. I have photographed northern lights in Greenland, and the night sky in New Zealand and across North America. I love photography and sharing stunning and interesting images with others and sweat the technical details to achieve my goal. I am very driven to learn new techniques that can be implemented to achieve the goals I set for myself. I enjoy working with others and have mentored at our club for several years. I pay attention to the details that make a difference in achieving great instead of good. My technical and mechanical background where I can rebuild a car engine ensures I have the necessary aptitude and ability to get something to work correctly. I know I have a lot of patience and do not lose site of the goal and objectives for an event such as filming the eclipse. I am driven to succeed and will do everything possible to achieve the desired outcome.
8Will be at 30 deg 02 40" N, 99 deg 17 05" WNikon24 mm to 300 mm zoom, 80 mm to 400 mm zoom, TeleVue NP-101is 540 mm telescope I own a Software Bisque MYT mount and a Rainbow Astro RST-135E mount that I will be using. So I don't need your mount, but I am interested in learning more about the mount you are referring to.
9Lake Buchanan RV & Cabin Resort 1420 FM 690 Burnet, TX 78611Canon 7D Mark II, Multiple Astronomy dedicated cameras mono and color with more than 200fpsLenses and Telescopes, 70-200mm, 300mm, 360mm, 480mm, etc
10Depending on weather, Indiana near Ft Wayne.Canon EOS Rebel T6. Canon 300mm LensParticipated in 2017 Megamovie but wasn't able to track Sun so had to manually align 7 images of various exposures to process full solar corona- results were not totally satisfactory. Can provide exanple of result. Do not have more to say. Bad survey design requiring 1000 characters. Note that am retired but spent 40 years in software development at a financial institution. Have limited exposue to Python but do not see an issue with learning it. How does tracking mount work? Do you need external power supply or does it connect to laptop?
11Aiming for Northern NY, near Plattsburgh. Likely near the lake.Nikon D750. 18-300mm, 600mm, 24-105. Sony A7C III participated in the Eclipse project in 2017, photographing numerous, bracketed photos from Nashville. I have the equipment (filters, lenses, batteries) to take photos of the 2024 eclipse. I've also used tracking mounts in the past, though I borrowed them. The tracking mount would allow me to get the steady, bracketed shots to contribute excellent images to the upcoming Eclipse project. However, if Im not chosen, I would be interested in purchasing ok ne of the mounts from you, or at least the schematics to print one at home. I dont need to tell you how the tracking mount would help capture the sharpest images possible. Being able to capture sharp images would be incredibly useful for this project, as they would be the cleanest photos, not having to worry about motion blur, or losing the sun as it moves across the sky. The full frame D750 that Ill use, along with the 18-300mm lens on my kit will provide larger images for processing. It would be an honor to expand on my contribution to the 2017 eclipse with experience gained since then.
12Aiming for “Someplace with no clouds….”Canon T3i. 75-300mm zoom*no response*
13Planning to be at 29.625, -99.566ZWO ASI2600MC Pro. 952mm focal length, 127mm aperture triplet refractor telescopeI am planning to capture my own footage of the eclipse with my Sony a7IV mirrorless camera. I don't want the camera to be unavailable for my own personal footage for this project, unfortunately. I would however be willing to capture data using a borrowed camera. I will be in an excellent place — southwestern Texas — for the eclipse.
14Planning to be in 63769Sony A6300. 18-300mm, 600mm, 24-105. Sony A7C IIThere wasn't a description of the mount, other than it is 3D printed, so I would be interested if it would help to take rock solid correctly capture photos during the eclipse. I have a solid professional tripod, which can get there, as I used it in 2017. But if the mount offers advantages I would be interested. Alternatively if you supplied the STL files I could also print one as well.
15Responded that they live in the path and gave 94585 area code.Canon 90D. 10-1300For professional and educational use. To better my skills in astronomy and other photography. Photography is a never ending learning experience. My love of photography and helping others to grow in this field is a real passion. There can be no better quality in photograph than passion, desire and the love for what you capture in your heart’s desire for your love of a moment in time captured with your camera. In simple words clicking the shutter button shows your love and passion in the images retained in the cameras memory and yours. No words can express the full beauty seen in your photography images. Smiles and joy are created by the actual images captured. Nature, sky, people, pets and animals all share the same bond of beauty when captured by a cameras lens. No one should be without a camera to share their love seen in everyday life. A photo last forever keeping alive the beauty and life of the subject captured. Earth, the sun, the moon and planets are all very special. Being able at capture one and all is a very special gift. It is your love of photography that makes the image great and special. No two images have the same quality, but they are all wonderful in their own ways. Don’t evet feel that a photo didn’t hit the mark because it has its own special beauty and can be loved by many people. We may not love evert thing but everything, however everything is loved by others for many reasons. Please never stop taking photos no matter your skill. There will always be a love for the images you take. Love what you do and others will share that love.
16Will be at 40.566008444085035, -84.16693671719266Canon 5DS, Dwarflab II. 24-105, 75-300Check my work from the 2017 Megamovie upload.
17Aiming for OhioNikon D7000. 150mm to 600mm Supertelephoto Lense*no response*
18Will be in zip code 13021Canon 60D. TBD. Canon 5D*no response*
19Aiming for Southern Illinois or Prince Edward IslandSony a7r5. From 12mm to 600mmI didn't have time to write a 1000 character essay at the present. I own a Benro Polaris, but it's difficult to operate properly.
20Will be at Lakehills, Texas. 78063, 98.58.04 W, 29.34.01 NNikon Z9 (mirrorless digital)180-600mm, with 1.4 teleconverter, 24-200mm
21will be Just outside of Dallas, TxSony ILCE-7RM4. 150-600mm. Tracking mountDear EM2024 Team, I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the EM2024 project! Having been a member of the 2017 megamovie, I had the incredible opportunity to witness the eclipse and introduce my children to the breathtaking beauty of such a celestial phenomenon. This time around, I'll be embarking on a journey to Dallas with my [kids]. While the overall expenses will be significant, the experience of witnessing a solar eclipse again with my children is truly priceless.
22Aiming for Franklin, INCanon R6 mirrorless. Canon 300mm f2.8 + a 2x teleconverter = 600mm.My Canon 300mm lens set up weighs ~ 12lbs which exceeds the weight limit of my Ioptron Skyguider Pro limits. Will your 3D printer camera mount support ~12lbs? Also, is your camera mount an EQ mount? That will be important to prevent field rotation. I also have an Ioptron AZ Pro mount that can support the 12lbs weight but I don’t know if there will be issues with field rotation? I plan to use it with my Canon 400mm setup because this mount can support both cameras and their combined weights. I previously used Solar Eclipse Maestro for the 2017 eclipse in Hopkinsville, KY. I have been in touch with Xavier Zubier and hoping for an update version of SEM by the end of the year. Using my MacBook Pro laptop, SEM and an EQ mount, I am well in the way to being prepared for the 2024 eclipse. Just need clear skies. I have mapped out approximately 6 locations from Ohio to Arkansas that are along the path. I have calculated these allocations to be about 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 hours drive from my home in Indianapolis
23Will be at 25°53'42.7N 103°36'12.4WZwo ASI6200mc. 900*no response*
24Aiming for Somewhere around TexasCanon. 75-200mm, 50mm. I'm planning on getting a Canon R6 mark II and I can rent an appropriate lensI'm happy to take stills like last time, and I'd love to learn how to use the tracking mount (I love figuring out technology). I don't want to deplete your supply of mounts if there are others who really need them more. I'd it's something that can be 3-D printed at home I have a printer... so maybe I can help by making my own?
25“Potentially in Missouri, if not, northern Ohio most likely.”Canon 7d/70d. umm. 50mm, 70-200, 300, i don't have them all memorizedHaving the ability to use the mount to take seamless photos would be amazing. I have been practicing with taking photos of the moon since the last eclipse and have fallen in love with it- I would aboslutely love to be able to provide a steadier photo than i did previously. It would help me to create a crisper image and produce a higher quality image with the 3d mount. The mount would allow me a greater field of view and be easier to track the changes for image stacking. It would help to eliminate trailing and would help to stabilize my images. There are so many things to consider during the short window of totality, that having something to aid in the capturing of such an exciting event would be advantageous and greatly appreciated.
26Will be at 42.91294099419931, -76.53095157392075Canon 60D. TBD.Canon 5D It is unclear from the project description whether the 3D printed mount is in addition to a tracking mount, or instead of a tracking mount. If this mount is in addition to a tracking mount, then yes, I would like to obtain one to participate in the project. If all that is required is a tracking mount, I do not need a 3D printed mount.
27Aiming for South Texas or Waxahachie TXNikon D750, Nikon Z 7ii, Nikon Z9. 400mm, 160-600mm, 70-200mmI would greatly appreciate a camera mount. I took some incredible images from Grand Teton National Park in 2017 using techniques and Solar Eclipse Maestro software I learned from Xavier Jubier. But if I had had a better mount I know I would have gotten even more amazing images. During totality phase I had an issue with my tripod that caused me to lose track of the sun. It took me more than a minute to get everything back in view and on track. I’m looking to be much better prepared in 2024 with the knowledge and equipment to redeem myself. This camera mount may very well be the key to my success. I plan to use up to 3 cameras including full frame detailed shots of the corona as far out as the best camera equipment can capture today as well as create a wide shot landscape composite showing all phases of the eclipse. Thank you for considering me as a recipient for the mount. If selected, I will put it to good use.
28Aiming for Niagara Falls, ON or Dallas, TXNikon D5300. 70-300mm. Tracking mount.Acquiring a limited 3D printed camera mount would allow me to take more consistent and higher quality photos during the eclipse in 2024. As a previous member of the 2017 project, I did not have a good camera mount at the time, and this led to a number of my photos having to be discarded before submission. Furthermore, during the last eclipse this led me to focusing and being more stressed about taking photos during the actual eclipse – this was unfortunate as I did not have as much of an opportunity to really marvel at the amazing event at the time. I’m a recent engineering student graduate so acquiring additional camera hardware has been tough for me as much of my disposal income is often directed to more immediate needs. However, with my mechatronics engineering expertise using custom equipment like 3D printed camera mounts would be a lot easier for me compared to the average user. This would allow me to optimize an accurate workflow for the eclipse and get clear, high-quality photographs. If permitted to keep this mount, I also conduct astrophotography sessions with members of my former university rocketry club and this mount would likely allow me to produce far higher quality photos and provide me with greater teaching opportunities with my peers.
29Aiming for Piedras Negras, MXSony A99ii, Sony A6400. 14, 18, 35, 50, 85, 135, 70-200, 135-400, 435, 600, 1000 I own several mounts, from which 2 Skywatcher StarAdventurer units are most likely best for the case. Unfortunately I have to bring all my equipment from Europe to the US. So weight and volume are an issue. As I basically have equipment (at home), I selected 'maybe', as there may be someone else without a tracking mount. But back in 2017 I had 130lbs of photo/astro equipment with me, causing severe trouble in air travel.
30Will be at 29 21 53/99 59 02Canon 6D. 910mmTwitter, Instagram, Threads
31Will be in Carbondale, IL, 62901Nikon D5600. 70-300mm, 18-50mm, 50mmFacebook, Discord, Instagram, Threads
32Wil be at 32.2929650, -97.1260030Canon t3i, t7i, 5ds. 16mm, 24mm, 50mm, 75mm, 90mm, 100mm, 125mm, 135mm, 200mm, 300mm, 540mm, 1600mm, 3000mm*no response*
33Aiming for Dallas, TXCanon. 6 inch telescope*no response*
34Will be in Piedras Negras Mexico or Eagle Pass Texas areaCanon EOS 77D. EF-S 18-55, EFS 55-250, and AstroTech AT65 EDQ refractor (420mm, f/6.5)I have two mounts: A Celestron AVX, and a Skywatcher star adventurer. I'd be interested in helping develop procedures for mounts, but not in having a mount.
35Will be in area code 76528Canon 60Da, & Canon 5D Mk IV540mm (telescope) & 400mm
36Will be in area code 67950Cannon t3i, Cannon t5Various
37Aiming for the central Texas regionSONY a7iii, SONY a7ii, SONY A77M2. 70-200, 100-300, 200-600Hi. I was part of the 2017 Eclipse Megamovie project. Unfortunately, we chose an area in southern Missouri that was cloudy. I had several cameras setup - from a Samsung Gear 360 camera, and a couple of DSLR camera. We saw the darkness sweep over and that was an incredible experience. I had hoped to automate my cameras but I did not have the proper equipment. I have purchased an Ioptron SkyGuider but am learning how to use it. However, this only controls one camera and I plan on a few cameras. By having an additional mount, I will be able to focus on making sure I get images of the eclipse, but also get the ability to experience and witness with my own two eyes, the eclipse. I plan to use the SONY a7iii with the 200-600 lens for my primary camera. However, I want to also shoot with a 70-200 on a SONY a7ii so that the image will capture areas outside the image of the sun. The tracker will give me the freedom to try different types of captures and to make sure that with automation, both get images and also experience an event of a lifetime.
38Will be at 30.57900° N, 97.85469° WNikon D850. Sigma 150-600I need to research what it can provide beyond my extensive number of tripods and mounts.
39Will be at 29.75981786681355, -99.56389138447372D5100. 50-300mm*no response*
40Will be at Camp Wood, TXCanon EOS 80D 400mm*no response*
41Will be at friend’s house north of WacoCanon 5DII, Sony A7Cii, Dwarflab II, Vaonis Hestia (Daughter has Sony a6300). 150-600mm, 70-200mm, 70-300mm (Dwarflab II and Hestia are about 600mm equiv.)I have the resources to buy one of these tracking mounts or build one. You should give yours to people who can't afford it. For me, recommendations on mounts or DIY instructions would be more useful.
42Will be in area code 75169Sony a7ii. Sigma 150-600mm*no response*
43Will be at 45.472699/-69.5949292 - Nikon z7. Nikon: 200-500mm f5.6, 70-200mm f2.8, 24-70mm f4, 14-30mm f7, 20mm f1.8. Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTi Mount Kit (with Tripod and Pier Extension)*no response*
44Aiming for Searcy, ARNIKON D7200 (APS-C) and D780 (Full Frame 11-16mm (APS-c) and 150-600mm among othersI do not currently own an astro tracking mount which would be extremely useful in capturing the eclipse in more detail than I was able to get when I shot the 2017. I'd plan to use multiple exposures, stacked instead of single long exposure captures.
45Will be in area code 78624Nikon D5300 and a Nikon Z8 500 mm for the D5300, I don't have a long lens for the Z8 yet but I'm thinking of a 600 mm*no response*
46Not sure where they will be yet.Canon 7D mark ii with inbuilt GPS, Canon R6 mark ii with external gps unit 640mm, and 400mmAt the last mega movie eclipse collaboration event - for September 2018 l contributed pictures to with my then 7d mark ii with its inbuilt GPS unit - on a fixed nonmoving tripod, with a very dark ND Neutral Density filter l obtained, l did get some excellent pictures from my location around Oregon/Washington state, l forgot to account for the movement of the moon. I plan not to do that this time with a moon tracking device coupled with my new mirrorless camera - Canon R6 Mark II with the external GPS unit for it l acquired, the GP-E2. However, I do not think l will be able to afford a commercially available DLSR tracking system. In my next future visit to my village area West Africa , l also plan at a local STEM event , to educate teens and interested adults on the results, pictures , movies generated of this megamovie event and point out my contribution, the contribution of collective others as well as the technological devices used and a background of why astronomy studies by local citizens as well as top scientists is important - as best as l can. Thanks for your consideration.
47Aiming for Near Uvalde, TXNikon D5600 18-200 + doubler. May buy additional lens.Not sure what kind of description you expect.
48Will be in Plattsburgh, NY 12901Nikon D750 & Nikon D3200 (also plan to use multiple GoPro cameras) D750: 18-300mm, 50mm, 35mm, 14-24mm (all Nikon Nikkor brand); D3200 10-20mm wide zoomI was happy and honored to participate in the 2017 Eclipse Megamovie project from Nashville, at the Opryland Hotel along with several hundred others and my family. While I was able to capture some great photos, because I was using a long lens without a tracking mount, I had to manually align all of my imaged for my composite of the corona. I was able to make that happen, but a tracking mount would allow me to focus more on the sharpness in-camera, instead of spending so much time in post processing. Having a tracking mount will also allow me to get 'B-roll' shots with my other camera and GoPros. I intend to do a wide angle composite using my D3200 as the sun and moon meet and separate again. With the GoPros, I want to do time lapse of the entire scene. The tracking mount will allow for tack sharp images, so I can get Earth-shine during totality (something I couldnt do in 2017 without a mount). I intend to step up my photos from 2017 and utilizing a tracking mount is parmount to that (see what I did there? :-))
49Aiming for Near San Antonio, TxCanon 6D Mark 2 and Canon Ra 24-105 full frame and 55-250 mm crop sensor*no response*
50Aiming for IndianapolisCanon EOS Rebel T7 18-55mm. thinking of getting a 75-300mm lens by the end of the yearI'm either going to get a bigger lens or switch from DSLR to mirrorless, save your mounts for folks who are more dedicated to photography than me.
51Will be in area code 16505Sony Alpha 7 IV, Nikon D7500 24-200, 24 prime, 18-300.I plan to capture the upcoming 2024 total solar eclipse in its entirety through imaging. Having a sturdy mount is crucial for minimizing data loss during the eclipse. My goal is to take multiple exposures and pictures to create a comprehensive timeline story of this upcoming solar eclipse. A sturdy mount will significantly contribute to capturing high-quality, clear images, forming the foundation of my narrative. Creating this storyline will enable me to convey the event's significance to future generations, who can learn from the data I capture. I am committed to sharing my insights with anyone interested in this celestial phenomenon. A robust mount is essential for capturing multiple exposure pictures in high resolution, ensuring the clarity and integrity of the images. This sturdy mount will make it easier to document the various phases of the solar eclipse while preserving the overall quality of the images. Such precision is crucial for crafting an informative timeline that can be appreciated by everyone.
52Will be at 30° 21' 23.03 N x 98° 56' 25.68 WCanon 6D 50-714*no response*