If you"ve filled out the survey but have not recieved emails with the upload links, please check your spam folder for emails from em2024stars@ucbssl.onmicrosoft.com

Upload Process

Thank you for carefully taking photographs of the total solar eclipse showing the sun's atmosphere, the corona. We look forward to using your images to detect and learn more about the secret lives of solar jets. We also look forward to studying the changes in the Sun since 2017, as we are nearing or are in solar maximum.

To upload your photographs, please fill out the survey linked below, filling out one survey for each camera/lens setup you used. For example, if you used two cameras of the same make and model, you will fill the survey out twice. Following the completion of the survey(s) you will receive five emails per survey response submitted. Each email will have a link to use to upload the following files:

  1. Sun photographs, such as those of the solar corona and the partial eclipse (Lights)
  2. Dark photographs
  3. Flat/white photographs
  4. Bias photographs
  5. Any other relevant photographs (such as a photograph of your setup on the day of the eclipse)

Please load the appropriate file in the appropriate area. Please do not add folders, and make sure to upload only files. If uploading more than 30 files at a time, you may zip your files and upload the zip file.

STAR participants are expected to upload Darks, Flats, and Bias photographs, but if they are unable to, they may follow the Eclipse Observer process as follows.

Eclipse Observers should fill out the survey, indicating what types of photographs were taken and equipment used. It is not expected that Eclipse Observers took flats, darks, biases, or met any Gold Standards. Just click "no" in those questions and type "N/A" in the "What were you able to do instead," if you did not take those images. Then simply upload photographs in the appropriate location. For example, if only sun photographs were taken ("Light Images" or "Light Frame Images"), then use the link in the email with this subject line to upload these photographs.

Note that you can return to the link in the email to upload more photographs at any time. There have been reports of timeouts when uploading. Please be patient.

Upload Survey